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Asheville’s Art of Chiropractic has “got your back.” Literally!

Back pain is the first thing that comes to mind when people think of chiropractic health care. While back pain is on our list of reasons for seeking chiropractic care, it’s far from being the whole picture.

Let’s take a look at the ten great reasons  to see a chiropractor. This blog post is part one of two. We’ll look at five this month, and conclude next month with the remaining five great reasons. Rather than being a “countdown” to the number one reason, let’s just treat all of these great reasons equally.

1. Drug-Free Pain Relief

This is where chiropractic really shines! If you visit a medical doctor complaining of chronic pain, there’s a high chance that you will be given a prescription for pain medication. Whether you’re given steroids or opioid medication, these pharmaceutical substances can have injurious side effects. Addiction to opioids is epidemic in America, and much of it originates with prescription medication.

Chiropractic care eases pain and inflammation naturally, without the use of drugs and medications. Finding and eliminating the underlying cause of pain is an important goal of chiropractic. When the cause is eliminated, the body’s own healing process is accelerated, creating a heightened feeling of ease and well-being.

2. Headaches

Headaches are another modern-day epidemic. Nine out of 10 Americans report suffering from headaches. Some are occasional; some are chronic. Some are just inconvenient; some are debilitating.

Entire sections of drug stores and supermarkets are dedicated to an overwhelming choice of over-the-counter medications. These all come with side effects – some are serious, while some can even be fatal if used in excess.

Headaches come in many forms with multiple causes. Chiropractors have extensive experience in discovering and eliminating the underlying causes of headaches. When headaches are caused by structural imbalance (spine and neck misalignment), your chiropractor can have you feeling better quickly, sometimes even on the first visit.

So don’t suffer headaches in silence. Make an appointment at Asheville’s Art of Chiropractic today.

3. Sciatica

Relief from sciatica and chronic low back pain Asheville's Art of Chiropractic
The great sciatic nerve

For some, it’s a dull ache in the backside and leg. Others report intense stabbing pains throughout the low back and down into the leg. Some say it’s like thousands of painful electric shocks through the affected area. A few even suffer intense groin pain. Any way you look at it, sciatica is serious business.

As mentioned in one of our recent blogs, sciatica is not a condition in itself. It is “referred” pain from an underlying condition, such as inflammation of the piriformis muscle compressing the sciatic nerve.

There are other causes of sciatica, and chiropractors are trained to identity and eliminate the cause. Medical doctors prescribe medications for sciatica, which can help relieve pain short-term. However, unless the cause is found and corrected, the pain will soon be returning. Chiropractic care removes the cause, which reduces and removes the symptoms of pain.

4. Tingling or numbness in extremities

Chiropractors are experts in correcting misalignments in the spine and neck (subluxations). Spine and neck subluxations affect the nerves that travel throughout the body, even all the way to extremities.

A chiropractor will remove the blockages affecting these nerves, opening up the signal flow from the brain to the extremities along the spine and central nervous system. Regular chiropractic care keeps nerve pathways clear and unimpeded, so the tingling and numbness goes away, often in just a few visits.

5. Sleep disturbances

While chiropractors generally aren’t thought of as experts on sleep issues, patients report getting better sleep after chiropractic care. In fact, reports that one-third of people who have seen a chiropractor say they have experienced immediate sleep improvement.

If pain is behind your sleep issues, then this is a no-brainer. Alleviating back pain, neck pain, or headaches will help you get a good night’s sleep. Your chiropractor can give you advice on your best sleep position, what pillows to use, and more.

Don’t spend another sleepless night. Call Asheville’s Art of Chiropractic today and book an appointment with Dr. Leipold.

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Join us for part two

We have explored five good reasons to see a chiropractor. Join us again next month when we will bring you part two of this article and the remaining five good reasons.