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Ten terrific reasons to visit Art of Chiropractic (Part 2)

In last month’s blog we began exploring ten terrific reasons to visit Asheville’s Art of Chiropractic. We looked at one through five, including drug free pain relief, headaches, sciatica, tingling or numbness in extremities, and sleep problems. Click here to read part one. This month part two continues with five more reasons (6-10), which include auto 

MR4 Cold Laser Therapy Aids Soft Tissue Pain

MR4 Cold laser therapy for soft tissue injuries is an effective part of our program at Art of Chiropractic. Dr. Leipold specializes in effective, drug-free treatment of acute and chronic pain from hard-to-diagnose soft tissue injuries. The Multi Radiance MR4 LaserStim is part of his integrated treatment program. Cold laser therapy (also called low level