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Half Price Supplemental Therapies: May 7th – May 11th

Dr. Leipold will be out of town the first full week of May, taking his first vacation in 7 years. However, our wonderful chiropractic assistants will be available to help with supplemental therapies, including:

Electric Stimulation – Used to stimulate muscles that are locked in spasm, are starting to atrophy from injury or illness, or have been overworked.  Electrodes deliver a painless electrical signal to “wake up” your muscles, improve localized blood flow, and decrease inflammation. Normally $16/session, this therapy will be $8 during this week only.

Myofascial Therapy – Used to improve blood and lymphatic flow, relax and gently stretch tired muscles, and help relieve tension. This is the hand-held massager that we use to supplement your chiropractic adjustments. Our assistants are trained in the best way to help ease that soreness you feel in your muscles. Normally $16/session, this therapy will be $8 during this week only.

Traction: Whether your cervical spine (your neck) or your lumbar spine (your low back) is feeling compressed, we can help! We’ve got a Saunders Cervical unit, and a Cox flexion-distraction table that we use to gently traction your vertebrae. This creates space around your discs that allows for spinal fluid to flush the area and nourish your spine. This therapy is usually used in conjunction with the myofascial release when used on your low back, or can be used as a standalone for your neck. Normally $17/session, this therapy will be $8.50 during this week only.

Cold Laser Therapy: This low-level light therapy is excellent for acute OR chronic pain and injuries. We have seen incredible results with rotator cuff tears/injuries and knee damage.  We’ve even seen our patients gain relief from conditions such as gout and edema!  Whether you’ve twisted your ankle, fallen out of an airplane, been kicked in the head by a horse, or any other number of ways you could possibly be injured, the laser can aid in the healing process.  Normally $60/session, this therapy will be $30 during this week only.

CPR Certification Class! March 24th, 2018 from 3 PM – 6 PM

We’re hosting a certification class! In just a few hours, you’ll be CPR certified by a licensed instructor. You’ll receive your 2-year card. This is the CPR for adults certification, not the CPR HCP class that EMT’s, physicians, and other first responders need. This class is perfect for health care office employees, older teens (the cut off is 14 yrs old), massage therapists, parents, or anyone who may need to save a life someday.

The tickets at $45 and include the instruction and 2-year card. You may purchase tickets here. We have chosen to absorb EventBrite’s fees, so you will not pay anything extra at checkout.

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to call us at 828-575-9631. You can also check it out here, at our Facebook page.

Past Events

International Day of Peace is September 21st, every year.

At Art of Chiropractic is to promote growth and creativity through healthy living.  You can’t be healthy without peace.  Stress hormones can literally change the shape of your brain, and affect your body on every level.  Being mindful and seeking peace will help you be a happier and healthier person!

Teacher Appreciation Event
August 15th, from 3 PM – 7:30 PM (Open-House style)

Art of Chiropractic celebrated our Teacher Appreciation Event! We gave away door prizes, and goodie bags, and offered light refreshments. We love to honor our educators, and it was great to see you there!

Get Better Sleep Naturally
March 29th, here at our office, from 11:30 AM -1 PM.

Sleep is vitally important to a healthy life, healthy weight, balanced emotions—all aspects of body & brain health!
We learned:

1) How to shift from waking brain patterns to sleep brain patterns more easily
2) Why you may be waking up at night and what you can do about it
3) The top sleep disruptors and how you can minimize them for better sleep
4) Natural “Stop Snoring” methods for you and your sleep partner
5) The one barrier to great sleep that most people don’t think about and how to eliminate it

Home Garden and Green Living Show 2017
March 17th: 3 PM – 7 PMTable set up
March 18th: 10 AM – 7 PM
March 17th: 11 AM – 5 PM

We had SO much fun giving away balloons and apples!  This premier green living event featured many different vendors and ideas for sustainable and green living.  We were there promoting health and wellness with a Chiropractic focus.

Serenity NOW!

We were so peaceful… Wednesday, February 22nd, from 11:30 AM – 1 PM.  Serenity NOW! This event was lead by Kristine Madera, a Life and Career Coach who uses DoTerra oils to increase quality of life.

Remember that phrase from 20 years ago? Well life has gotten even faster and more over-scheduled. People have even less time for themselves, feel more stress, and are overwhelmed with responsibility.  This leads to an experience where our  lives feel out of control.

This shows up in your emotions! If you want a way to de-stress and balance your emotions NATURALLY, get in touch with Kristine to learn how to cut stress in half in less than a minute and to keep stress and anxiety lower without drugs!

Celebrate Israel Festival & Expo, April 26, 2015

We had a blast at Asheville JCC’s Celebration Israel Festival & Expo!

Health & Wellness Expo May 1, 2014

This expo was wonderful!  Our visitors left with a smile.